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On Instructables (via lifehacker) is — IMHO — a neat use of zip ties to repair a broken Ethernet (RJ45) plug. I don’t know how many of these plugs with a broken, or missing, little plastic locking tab thingy you have around your house, but I certainly have a few. And it’s just a little bit annoying when you grab one, plug it in, and have it fall out when you’re not looking. This Instructable shows how to fix them with a couple of appropriately-sized (head width of 4.3mm, but test fit in an RJ45 jack to make sure) and trimmed zip ties. As shown in the above picture, one zip tie, with its head thinned by a sharp knife, is secured to the Ethernet cable by another zip tie, and bent to act like a spring.

Repair A Broken Ethernet Plug [Instructables]

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