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You’ve used a pole saw to trim a branch, but it’s still stuck in the tree — now what? Using a tool like Wolf Garten’s Tree Hook you can grab the branch from the ground rather than climbing into the tree to get it down. You can also use it to shake fruit tree branches or hang Christmas lights in trees.

The S-shaped hook works with any Wolf Interlocken handles, the cheapest of which run $12. The Tree Hook itself runs $16.

Branch Hook [Wolf Garten]
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Halloween is coming up fast; it’s time to scarify your lawn in more than one way. Fertilizing, aerating, de-thatching, and raking are some of the tasks you can do in the fall to get your lawn ready for winter. Wolf Garten’s new Scarifier Rolling Rake will at least help you de-thatch and break up the topsoil.

As you pull the rake toward you the sharp blades move in an oscillating motion. They are hardened so they don’t require resharpening. The wheels keep the rake at a consistent height while you work over a 11.8″ swath.

Pricing for the Wolf Garten Scarifier Rolling Rake starts at around $50. However it comes without a handle (that’s scary too) so you’ll need to purchase one separately.

Scarifier Roller Rake [Wolf Garten]
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