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One of my goals when replacing my kitchen floor was to get rid of the ugly dishwasher bottom plate and replace it with what looked like a seamless toe-kick along that bank of cabinets. I had a hard time figuring out how to connect the removable portion so I could access under the dishwasher, and finally settled for a friction fit. Unfortunately, the toe-kick moves around and shows a large gap. Maybe these Plinth Locks from Unika would solve my issues if I ever got around to fixing them.

Plinth Lock isn’t a new product, just new to us, as it has been available across the pond for some time. Using Plinth instead of toe-kick in the name of the product seems to be a giveaway that it isn’t made here. Previously I’d only heard Plinth used to reference the block that door molding rests upon in fancier installations.

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