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And, just in time for Christmas, Campbell Hausfeld announces their new line of truck storage solutions. The TruckWrks, available exclusively at Home Depot, comprises a variety of storage options, shown above, aimed at the professional contractor with a full-sized pickup. I’m not a professional contractor, and my pickup is not full-sized, so I’m not likely to buy any TruckWrks soon. Besides, they seem a tad pricey. For example, the Hitch Caddy, intended for compressors or generators up to 300 pounds, is $499, and the Bed Box for long-bed, covered pickups is $2,649. In spite of all that, I’m still a little tempted, just so the next time I go out to help someone with a project, I can easily take most of my s#!$ with me.

To all you Toolmongers out there who do this stuff professionally, how does Truckwrks compare to alternatives?

TruckWrks [Manufacturer’s Site]
TruckWrks [The Home Depot]

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