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“Light saber” work lights are cropping up all over the place nowadays, and there’s a good reason for that. Light-emitting diodes are durable, cheap, and very bright, making them perfect for a hard service life. Fluorescent tubes, on the other hand, are fragile, fairly dim, and notoriously power-hungry. LED lights draw so little power that even a cordless trouble light with a hundred of them can run for six hours on a charge.

Jack’s Tool Shed has a $35 trouble light available, which is a pretty low entry price for one of these beauties. It’s a bit sketchy, since the manufacturer isn’t listed (unless “Professional Mechanic’s Ultra-Bright” is a maker I’ve missed), but having laid hands on similar units, they’re plenty good for occasional use. If online tool purchases aren’t your thing, you can find similar units all over the place, right up to trouble lights with multiple modes and three-digit price tags.

Mechanic’s Ultra-Bright Cordless 100-LED Work Light [Jack’s Tool Shed]

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