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I have to admit, I’m not entirely sure how these work, but they look like something from the end of Inspector Gadget’s forearm. They’re for precisely torquing large bolts in tight spaces, apparently mounting on the end of a long handle and accepting hydraulic feed and return lines. Unless I miss my guess, an internal pressure regulator determines how much torque is exerted.

If anyone’s ever used one of these, what are they like? The baddest torque tool I’ve ever used was a 3/4″-drive impact wrench, which is probably a pushover compared to these suckers.

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If you’ve ever stripped a screw head in a servomotor or in the deepest recess of your motherboard, you can probably appreciate Sturtevant’s 2 to 36 inch-pound screwdriver. Hobbyists will run screaming from the $278 price tag this kit carries, but electronics professionals may not, especially with the all-mechanical internals (no batteries to worry about), and the Sturtevant-Richmont name. They’re not a very well-known label, but Sturtevant-Richmont makes some of the most accurate torque tools in the world.

The hefty price is mitigated somewhat by the wide assortment of bits the driver arrives with. Several Torx, Phillips, and hex sizes are included, plus a 1/4″-drive adapter for your sockets. It’s actually not a bad deal when you consider that an equivalent Snap-On product costs just a few dollars less, and comes with none of the Sturtevant-Richmont’s attachments.

Adjustable Torque Limiting Driver [Sturtevant-Richmont]

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Most people just hand-tighten their coax cables, let alone actually use a torque wrench to get the perfect torque. If you want to “do it right,” Jonard makes a series of torque wrenches designed specifically to prevent over-tightening 7/16-inch “F” connectors on Coax Cable.

When you’ve reached the specified torque with this 6-1/2″ wrench, you’ll hear an audible click. Jonard mentions that these wrenches only work in tightening mode, which isn’t that uncommon — do you use your torque wrench to loosen your lug nuts?

Jonard sells four models: a full head and a speed head in 20 inch-pound and 30 inch-pound versions.  Any of ’em will run you $27 before shipping.

Torque Wrench [Jonard]
Street Pricing [Google Products]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]

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