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Named as one of TIME’s 50 Best Inventions of 2009, the British Steam Car, aka “the fastest kettle in the world,” set new measured-mile (139.843 mph) and measured-kilometer (148.308 mph) records in August at Edwards Air Force Base in California. The previous mile record of 127.659 mph was set in 1906 by Fred Marriott in a Stanley Steamer.

The British Steam Car has 12 LPG-fueled boilers with over 3 km of tubing that produce 3 megawatts of heat — which the manufacturer’s web site equates to ~ 1,500 kettles, or ~ 23 cups of tea per second — and use 1,000 liters of water every 25 minutes. The 3-tonne (6,614 lbs) car is 7.663m long (25.14′), 1.7m wide (5.6′), and 1.7m tall (5.6′).

British Steam Car [Manufacturer’s Site]