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If you’ve ever stripped a screw head in a servomotor or in the deepest recess of your motherboard, you can probably appreciate Sturtevant’s 2 to 36 inch-pound screwdriver. Hobbyists will run screaming from the $278 price tag this kit carries, but electronics professionals may not, especially with the all-mechanical internals (no batteries to worry about), and the Sturtevant-Richmont name. They’re not a very well-known label, but Sturtevant-Richmont makes some of the most accurate torque tools in the world.

The hefty price is mitigated somewhat by the wide assortment of bits the driver arrives with. Several Torx, Phillips, and hex sizes are included, plus a 1/4″-drive adapter for your sockets. It’s actually not a bad deal when you consider that an equivalent Snap-On product costs just a few dollars less, and comes with none of the Sturtevant-Richmont’s attachments.

Adjustable Torque Limiting Driver [Sturtevant-Richmont]

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