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My wife has had two of these Rubbermaid folding step stools for years. She keeps one in the pantry and one in her closet so she can easily reach items on the upper shelves. And, I have to admit, I’ve “borrowed” them on occasion to use in the shop and on a project or two. I really like the wide steps and the fact that it can support up to 300 pounds — not that I weigh 300 pounds; I just feel better putting my mere (and this is where I really like metric) 100 kgs on something rated more than that. It’s lightweight, rugged (reinforced polypropylene), easy to carry, has skid-resistant foot pads, and folds neatly for storage.The EZ Step™ is available online for around $23. If you don’t like the antiseptic white color, it also comes in a darker “metallic cylinder” (!?).

What’s your favorite “short ladder?”

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