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The 1-hp BucketVac vacuum head fits any standard 5-gallon bucket like a lid and turns it into a shop vacuum. This is brilliant — not only does it make use of buckets lying around the shop or jobsite; you can lug it around or store it in the shop in a minimal space.

Once attached to a bucket the BucketVac is a wet/dry vacuum just like any other model except with no wheels. It comes standard with a 2″ diameter hose and looks like a great way to put to work all the extra 5-gallon buckets that need to be filled with stuff you’d rather not touch.

The bad news is the price point appears to hover around $70. Simply put, you could buy two five-gallon Shop Vacs for what it would cost for one of these things, so it may be a little steep for someone that doesn’t really need it.

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