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Winter’s in full swing and it’s time for all the wacky shovel designs to make their appearance. The SNO-Easy shovel looks like another beaut. You wince when you hear the commercial because the stereotypical infomercial announcer’s voice reminds you of such products as the Egg Wave or Liquid Leather. The only thing that’s missing is a jingle from Linda Ronstadt — It’s SNO-Easy to fall in love. It’s SNO-Easy…

Putting aside the bad marketing, the concept behind the SNO-Easy is that you don’t have to bend over to use it. A second handle attaches to the shaft near the shovel head with a pivoting hinge. With this configuration you can lift the snow closer to the load without bending. Then twisting both handles and swinging your arms throws the snow. The head of the shovel is smaller so you can’t load as much snow, but the makers claim you still can shovel faster than with a conventional shovel.

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