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My lovely wife, a.k.a. the chief cook and bottle washer, has been “asking”* me to add an extra, and wider (for less-frequently used bigger things), shelf in the top of the pantry. Our pantry, in a SW corner of the kitchen with a door at 45°, has a 9′ ceiling, and there’s plenty of space above the existing top shelf. The current shelves, on the wider 48″ South and West walls of the pantry, are 3/4″ thick MDF about 11-1/4” deep supported by 1×2’s attached to the walls. It’s basically L-shaped, but two separate pieces with the shorter West wall pieces butted up against the longer South wall pieces. The South wall pieces are supported on three edges by the 1×2’s, but the West wall pieces have 1×2 support on just two edges, and not much support where they butt up against the South wall piece (they may be toenailed). I did not like the minimal support for this edge, and thought there must be something better.

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