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As in working with green wood, or unseasoned timber…

If I lived just a bit closer to Nottingham, I would be interested in taking one of the green woodworking courses mentioned in the BBC’s Mastercrafts TV program. Learning how to build and use a pole lathe, a shave horse, and simple hand tools to make a chair sounds like a great idea — as does having a pint or two after a long day of “turning coppiced wood into furniture.” The picture above shows Tom Vaughn sitting at his shave horse working on a chair piece. Guy Mallinson’s courses for adults are two to five days long. They run from 9:00 (tea and coffee — wonder if they do elevensies?) with a 9:30 start and end at 5:00, with a stop for lunch, and breaks for tea, coffee, biscuits, and cake — I like cake — during the morning and afternoon. The five-day Pole Lathe & Shaving Horse class costs £525 (or around $812).

But since I’m stuck on this side of the pond, maybe I’ll just turn on PBS and watch Roy Underhill instead.

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