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Following up on RotoZip stuff (TM 11/30/09), I found a link to CUTzOUT installation templates, which work with all brands of spiral saws and rotary tools. The above picture shows uses for the CUTzOUT Universal Single Gang Template, which costs $12.99, or $21.98 in a package with the SAWzBASE that attaches to the guide foot on most spiral saws and rotary tools to provide more stability and control. Other available templates include Universal Double Gang, Universal 4″ Round Box, Universal 4″ Square Box, STRAITCUTz, CIRCLEz, and more. The templates are ¼” thick ABS, and you can use them for “all remodeling, renovation, retrofit, and new construction projects to cut holes in drywall, paneling, plywood, ceiling tiles, OSB, SIPs, and all kinds of other materials.” They also make an ADAPTA-BASE — and apparently the shift key is stuck on their product-naming computer — that works “as both a cutting base and as a router base.” It allows working with the same guide bushings used on full-sized routers.

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