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The Wedge Alarm provides a quick way to make yourself feel more secure either at home or on the road. Don’t have a bathroom lock?  Place the wedge behind the door and warn anyone trying to enter that the john is occupied.  Worried about the maids walking in on you even when the “Do Not Disturb” sign is out?  Make them rethink that decision.

The Wedge Alarm emits a piercing 110dB alarm for five seconds when it’s tripped.  The hook-and-loop adhesive pad keeps the wedge in place on carpets, hard floors, windows, or wherever you decide to place it. It’s powered by an included 12V battery.

Pricing for the Wedge Alarm ranges widely, from $4 to $16.

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Have you been burned by the power going out in the middle of the night and screwing up your alarm clock?  Yeah, most alarm clocks have a battery backup, but in my experience it’s always dead when you need it.  Plug the PowerOUT! from Reliance Controls into a spare outlet and when the power fails you’ll know it by the 86dB alarm and bright safety light.

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