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You’ve probably seen the impressive power of rare-Earth magnets on science shows and Mythbusters, where they’ve been used to deflect bullets and climb steel ductwork. Ever thought about using them as tools?

You can buy these neat little devils all over the place, everywhere from industrial supply houses and magnet-specific sources like MagCraft to chemistry stores and novelty shops, with prices from under a dollar to several hundred bucks a pop. With a little elbow grease, you can even pull them out of old hard drives. How about putting a dozen small magnets on an old push broom and using it to clean ferrous chips from a machine-shop floor? A high-tech twist on pegboards? Or bolting a few to your creeper and sticking it to the side of your tool chest?

Heck, buy the right sizes, and you could even hold your project car to the ceiling; if you pull that one off, we want photos of both the car and the reinforced ceiling capable of holding it.

Rare Earth Magnets [Magcraft]
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