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More often than not, the place you need to put your ladder is uneven — most of the outdoors just isn’t as flat and even as a parking lot. Some ladders have adjustable feet, but often you have to cope with a shaky situation any way you can.

The BaseMate ladder stabilizer provides a solid platform for most aluminum, fiberglass, and wood extension ladders.  It’s a hardened steel arch with two “Easy Connect” arms that clamp to the bottom rung of the ladder whether it’s 12″ or 44″ wide. It’ll support up to 1,200 lbs. and is weight-tested to type 1A USA and Grade 1 CDN ladder requirements.

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Qual-Craft’s ladder hooks attach to a ladder and then hook over the ridge of a roof to provide a secure foothold on steeper-pitched roofs. The pictured model also has a wheel which allows you to roll the ladder up the roof rather than slide it.

The Ladder Hook hooks around the second-to-the-top rung; a rung clip which can be tightened with a wing nut secures it to the top rung. It’s adjustable and works with wood, fiberglass, and aluminum single or extension ladders with round or D-rungs. You’ll need two of these ladder hooks per ladder.

QualCraft doesn’t recommend using their ladder hook on roofs with ridge vents. Pricing for the ladder hook with roller starts at $21 each, but remember you’re going to need two.

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