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Generally speaking, a machinist’s measuring tools receive the same level of protection and reverence as the Holy Grail. Every reader’s probably had his ears filled with endless tales of how the mechanisms of calipers and micrometers must be regularly oiled, protected from dust, and kept away from moisture. Not this set.

Mitutoyo’s model 500-752 is marketed as coolant-resistant, which is really something, considering that automotive coolant is a powerful oxidizer that quickly rusts any iron it touches. Not exactly stuff you want around your $150 (from Production Tool Supply) measuring instruments. Other features include inch/millimeter reading with 0.0005in/0.01mm resolution, auto-shutdown, and shatter-resistant (IP67 compatible) display. The waterproofing also makes the calipers dust-proof, and with a claimed three-year battery life, they’re not likely to suddenly crap out due to wear, abuse, or battery death.

A retailer called Reliable Paper is selling the set for $12 less than PTS, but they’re unrated according to Google’s product search.

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