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If you ask me, the worst part of a project isn’t the sanding or the finishing — it’s getting the dust off the project so it doesn’t ruin the finish. Forget about tack cloths, brushes, or compressed air; the Baker Model M4i Board DeDuster can remove the dust from 700 feet of boards per minute. At that rate, I probably only need to run it for a few minutes every year!

Typically used after resawing applications, the machine measures 108″ long by 36″ wide and adjusts from 38″ to 48″ in height. Independently powered by 2HP motors, the three nylon brushes remove dust from all four sides of each board the conveyor belt brings. A 6″ dust port optimally moving 1300CFM of air removes the dust, and you’ll also need 220V or 440V three-phase power in your shop to run the machine.

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