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Calculated Industries, the folks who brought you all those neat calculators (e.g., Construction Master, ElectriCalc, ConcreteCalc, KithenCalc, PlumbingCalc, and more), now bring you the Prexiso X2 Laser Distance Measurer. The X2 measures with an accuracy ≤ ± 1/8″ over a range of 4″ to 100′. It can display the results in feet & inches, inches, or meters. It also — as you might expect from this company — calculates: areas, volumes, and, via Pythagoras, indirect measurements of height (measure to top; measure to bottom; it solves for height) or width (measure near point; measure far point; it solves for width) — you measure two sides of a right triangle, and it calculates the third side. The $99.95 X2 is powered by two AAA batteries (included), has auto shut-off after 3 minutes, weighs only 3.5 oz., and comes with a carrying case and a two-year warranty.

If given the opportunity, where would you use this laser measurer?

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