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The Stanley® FatMax™ Portable Truck Box (part number 036800R) is a 42-gallon capacity storage system that’s 22-1/4″ H × 44″ L × 19″ W. It has a water-resistant seal, a security system with alarm and code panel, heavy-duty 8.5″ wheels, and locks into a docking station that can be bolted to any truck bed. Pricing and availability information is a bit sparse: the only price estimate I’ve been able to find is $290, which is in the same ballpark as crossbed boxes, and apparently only Lowe’s carries it.

Does its roll-around portability make it more useful than a crossbed or other truck bed box? What do you think?

Stanley FatMax Portable Truck Box [Manufacturer’s Site]

Update: The people at Stanley gave us a quick ring with a little more information. First, this will sell for right at $200. Second, this is actually a security box. It locks to a docking station in the back of your truck and is unlocked with an electronic keypad. Basically, the idea behind this product is to keep people from ripping off your stuff while you’re parked at Home Depot, Lowe’s, or a quick stop at the jobsite. You’ll hear more about this product soon — we’ve got one in for test.

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