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Yesterday we featured a product that can turn your a chisel into a plane; today we’ll show you a plane that you might use in some of the same operations where you’d use a chisel, like removing glue or trimming plugs. It also works well at trimming box and dovetail joints flush and cleaning up rabbets. You don’t want to use this plane like you would a normal plane though, because there’s no support in front of the blade.

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This cast-iron chisel holder from Veritas converts a 1″ beveled edge chisel into a rabbet or shoulder plane. The 1-3/8″ wide by 5-1/2″ long by 2-1/2″ high chisel holder grips the chisel at a 45º angle with a solid brass thumbscrew. Once the chisel is properly seated, you can use it to clean up rabbets, tenons, and hinge recesses or cut 1″ wide grooves and dadoes up to 3/8″ deep.

Made in Canada, the Veritas chisel plane will run you $50 before shipping.

Chisel Plane [Lee Valley]

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