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Many, MANY years ago, I happened to be driving through Albuquerque just as a new Snap-On store was having its grand opening. I, of course, stopped in and bought my first and, until now, my only Snap-On tool: the pistol-grip ratcheting screwdriver shown on the right above (I was young then, and probably attracted by the bright color). I don’t remember how much I paid for it; I was just happy to have a real Snap-On tool, and a neat ratcheting screwdriver to boot.

Recently I found that its ratcheting mechanism would not stay in one position no matter how much I fiddled with it, so I emailed Snap-On support to see if there was something (adjustment, lube…) I could do to fix it. Snap-On quickly replied that there was nothing to do once it doesn’t stay in gear, but, if I would give them my address, they would send me a replacement.

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