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How many times have you cursed at a wooden pencil slipping endlessly through your greasy-handed grip? Not many? Well, listen up anyway. The Draftmatic is a pencil designed for artists (yes, I know. Bear with me), available with 0.3, 0.5, 0.7, and 0.9mm lead sizes. Since it’s mechanical, you won’t lose any time sharpening it, but the tiny little eraser probably won’t last very long in rough environments. The pencil itself, made by a very good name from strong plastics and fine steel, probably will.

But why bother mentioning it? Well, the answer is that bit of machined steel at the pencil’s business end — a chromed, knurled-steel grip. Oily hands? Pfft. Your fingers are going nowhere. The quality materials won’t collect gunk, either, and even if they do, a shot of brake cleaner would restore the pencils to brand-new status. Woodworkers will appreciate the 0.9mm version, with lead thick enough to stand those little bumps and knots, as well as any annoying notches in your ruler. Art and online stores have Draftmatics for around $9.

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