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Put the present down, and back away from the tree. From Inspector Bots via Gizmodo comes this unmanned ground vehicle (UGV), complete with a wireless barrel-cam mounted on its Mil-Sim A5 Paintball gun. The barrel-cam is a low-lux color camera with night vision (“You can see up to 35 ft. in total darkness!”). This 4WD UGV, which can go more than 50 mph, is teleoperated with first person view (FPV) where you control the vehicle as though you were in it. In addition to paintballs, the¬†weapons system can also fire pepperballs and hardened rubber rounds — those will leave a mark — with a range up to 250 feet or more. It’s designed for law enforcement personnel for applications like riot control, tactical SWAT, hostage situations, and surveillance, but I think it would be a great addition to the garage or shop, and handy to have around if Sean shows up to borrow some tools.

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