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Years ago my dad bought me a pretty comprehensive Husky socket set. The sockets remained safely stored in the box for a year or so until we moved into our current house and Dad bought me a tool chest. I had organized the sockets in each drawer by type and size, but over the years the opening and closing of the drawer left the sockets piled up and scattered. As I was repairing my daughter’s car a few weeks ago, I discovered that any remnant of the organized system I once had was gone the way of the steam shovel. I resolved to finally do something about it — I discovered the Tekton socket holder set and for the first time in six years I can actually find a socket in my socket drawer.

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Do you hear the theme from Raiders of the Lost Ark when trying to navigate your workbench, shelves, or cabinets? Whether it’s the garage or shop, chances are you’re running out of storage space. An under-shelf organizer like this one from Grayline Housewares might be one way to reclaim some unused space in your otherwise-packed storage areas.

While the picture shows the basket holding towels in a closet, we envision using it to hold sheets of sandpaper, boxes of nails, or other stuff that usually clutters the top of workbenches.

This model measures 12″ long by 10″ wide by 6-1/4″ high and is made from wire coated with white vinyl. There are a ton of different sizes available from different manufacturers, both online and in brick and mortar stores starting at $6. Just watch out for the giant rolling ball when you do the installation.

Under Shelf Storage Basket [Grayline Housewares]
Street Pricing [Google Products]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]

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The ancient question of a fastidiously-organized tool chest or spreading wrenches and pliers willy-nilly has been done to death, so there’s no point in starting that one up again.


The question this time is: what little tricks do you use to keep your tools in good condition? Those of us in the Rust Belt have a rough time keeping everything in good shape. Moisture creeps through even the tiniest gaps, turning carbon steel into an orange-flecked wreck. Every one of my chest’s drawers has an oil-soaked sheet beneath a foam liner, and a silica gel packet to keep moisture at bay. Each tool gets an occasional spritz of lightweight. The catch is, this doesn’t work. How do you keep rust and corrosion at bay when even those measures aren’t enough?

(Thanks to Flickr user Swanee 3 for the great photo)

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