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Gluing the pieces of my daughter’s shattered ornament back together reminded me of how much respect I have for people who can build tiny models.  The skill, patience, and steady hands you need to do tiny precision work has eluded me so far.  A jig like the Sand-It from Micro-Mark might be able to help me with the precision part, but I’d still need to work on the patience and steady hands.

Use the Sand-It to “square-up” and sand cuts in wood, plastic, and metal up to 4″ wide and 1″ thick.  The jig comes with preset angle guides for 30°, 45°, 60°, and 90° and a protractor guide to get the angles in between. To speed up sanding through different grits, you can mount a different grit sandpaper each face of the sanding block with tape or rubber cement.

The Sand-It runs $19 before shipping at Micro-mark. If you’re interested, they also sell two other “-It” products: the Chop-It and the Duplicate-It.

Sand-It [Micro-Mark]
Chop-It [Micro-Mark]
Duplicate-It [Micro-Mark]

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