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Most router tables allow you to capture dust and chips from the top of the table through a collection port on the fence, but this is only effective for some operations. Other operations require dust collection from the bottom of the table. There are a few different methods to do this with varying levels of effectiveness; usually they involve encasing the router in some sort of vacuum box.

Keen Products’ dust collection system collects dust right from the point of entry on the bottom of the table, leaving your router accessible and open so it won’t overheat. It also removes most of the dust before it has a chance to fall into the router motor, hopefully prolonging its life.

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Although dust collection in bench top and contractor saws has gotten much better as of late, it still leaves much to be desired. No matter how good the dust collection is, the open bottom still leaves an escape route for sawdust. Fortunately the Dust Cutter will catch much of this errant dust rather than let it escape into the air or drop to the floor.

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