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I don’t do much work with steel studs at home (okay, I’ve never worked with steel studs anywhere, but I’ve seen them and think they’re neat) so I have not used the Wedjji from J&J Industries. It’s a door and window framing tool that allows one person to center a stud in a metal door or window frame. Based on videos on the Wedjji web site, commercial construction crews would formerly use pieces of sheetrock for this, and it was a PITA. The Wedjji, which comes in four sizes, depending on sheetrock thickness and stud dimensions, costs between $27.99 and $29.49. Each unit has 3 or 4 built-in magnets to hold it to the door or window frame. It looks like the Wedjji is a reasonable widget, and it does have a cool name.

Have any Toolmongers used this tool? Is it a good alternative to a few scrap pieces of sheetrock?

Wedjji [Manufacturer’s Site]

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