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If James Bond ever spent a weekend in the garage, he’d use one of these beauties to lift his DBS. The above is a jack manufactured by Mittler Brothers, very light, and costing a cool $1300. Not exactly weekend-mechanic fare, but if your calling is race mechanic, this could well be your weapon of choice. Have fun justifying the cost to your boss, but if you can convince ’em, you’ll be rewarded with a hydraulic lifting device fit for a king.

Every part is CNC-machined from aluminum. The handle swivels to make steering easy, and has a nicely-padded surface where it’s likely to bash fenders. One man with one hand can haul this thing over a wall with ease, and it has a quick-raise feature which makes me jealous. One pump will lift the pad into contact with the jacking point, no matter how large the distance between them. That’s the kind of ability I’ll have to look for when shopping for less exotic gear.

Mittler Brothers [Mittler Brothers Machine and Tool]

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