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I dunno; it’s just something about seeing monster versions of standard kitchen tools that I find fascinating. Every so often, while channel surfing, I catch some show with people either using or making commercial or industrial sized things like mixers, and I think how neat it would be to have one of them. I don’t know what the heck I would do with it — except maybe make enough pizza dough for a year — but the idea still appeals. Part of it is that they somehow take me back to my early youth and watching Industry On Parade on Sundays.

This post was triggered by seeing a reference to the KitchenAid time line, and its note about the early (1908!) development of the stand mixer including being listed as “regular equipment” on all U.S. Navy ships by 1917.

Admit it — isn’t there a little voice in your head telling you how cool it would be to have a 140-quart floor mixer in the kitchen — or even the garage — to mix up a big batch of something?

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