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Inductive ammeters are nothing new, but they’re incredibly useful yet fairly rare tools. While electrical diagnostics usually require nothing more than a test light, motors, actuators, and battery connections are best tested with an ammeter — so you know not only if current is present, but how much.

The i1010 is a long-standing offering from Fluke, the best name in the business. The upper end of the measurement range is 1000A, but the bottom end is a relatively tiny 0.5A, leaving the i1010 in the perfect range for current measurements of just about any actuator or automotive current draw. Short of a battleship’s starter motor, you’re never going to run off the top end of this thing’s range. The only drawback is only 2% accuracy — more than enough for most applications, but severely Type-A personalities may wish to continue shopping. The i1010 is plenty expensive, but there’s a similar, less accurate (3.5%) model with a 400A range, the i410, available for much less.

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