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When using a router table, you want the throat — the opening the bit pokes through — to be the smallest diameter possible that still allows the router bit to turn freely. If the opening is too large, small pieces can dip or even fall into the throat. Some throat plates twist and lock into place, and others are held in place by screws, but by far the coolest way to hold a router throat plate is with magnets.

INCRA’s MagnaLOCK laser cut steel rings are held in place with four rare earth magnets; just drop the right-sized ring in place and you’re ready to route. The donut-shaped magnets are held in place with counter-sunk screws and sit on top of O-rings. This setup presumably allows you to adjust the height of the rings so that they’re flush to the table surface.

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Perpetuating the trend that the name of anything new must begin with a lower-case “i,” Incremental Tools (part of Taylor Design Group, the maker of INCRA Tools) has introduced new measuring and marking tools in their iGaging™ line. An example is the iGaging™ SnapDepth Digital Indicator shown above. Available for $16.99 (with coupon code GA15; $19.95 without), it can measure rabbet and grove depths in decimal inches to 0.0005″, in fractions to 1/64″, or in millimeters to 0.01mm. Its reinforced composite body includes a mounting lug on the rear that “fits most magnetic bases,” and its standard-thread interchangeable-plunger tip comes with 1″ and 2″ extensions.

With the coupon code, the prices on most of the new iGaging™ parts seems reasonable. What do you think?

iGaging™ [Manufacturer’s Site]

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