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Cordless electric impact drivers allow everyday mechanics to access the power of air tools at a fraction of the blah, blah, you’ve heard it before.

But — DeWalt’s thrown a doozy into the works by adding another 18V to the usual power rating for battery impact wrenches. Gentlemen, meet the DC800KL, a 36V 1/2″ impact driver with DeWalt’s latest and greatest battery technology on board. It’ll deliver 325 foot-pounds of torque, and ships with two batteries and a 60-minute charger for $479. Keen observers of the DeWalt range will notice that this is only 25 foot-pounds more than a cheaper 18V model, but the 36V battery has nearly 3 times the life of an 18V equivalent.

DeWalt DC800KL Via Amazon [What’s This?]
DeWalt DC800KL [DeWalt]

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Cavemen still living without the magic of air power (and I’m one of them) will find a neat workaround in the form of hammer-actuated impact drivers. They’re old-school, clever little devices which turn the force of a hammer blow into torque, and plenty of it. Hit the casing with a metal-faced hammer, and a cam inside gives you a strong twist, exactly like a pneumatic impact wrench.

Though not quite as user-friendly or useful as an impact gun, they can still get stubborn bolts in or out. $25 is pretty cheap considering that it’s a Craftsman set. Even if you can find a pneumatic impact gun at that price, no one in their right mind would trust it, and these let you skip the compressor, too.

Impact Driver Set [Craftsman]

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