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Perpetuating the trend that the name of anything new must begin with a lower-case “i,” Incremental Tools (part of Taylor Design Group, the maker of INCRA Tools) has introduced new measuring and marking tools in their iGaging™ line. An example is the iGaging™ SnapDepth Digital Indicator shown above. Available for $16.99 (with coupon code GA15; $19.95 without), it can measure rabbet and grove depths in decimal inches to 0.0005″, in fractions to 1/64″, or in millimeters to 0.01mm. Its reinforced composite body includes a mounting lug on the rear that “fits most magnetic bases,” and its standard-thread interchangeable-plunger tip comes with 1″ and 2″ extensions.

With the coupon code, the prices on most of the new iGaging™ parts seems reasonable. What do you think?

iGaging™ [Manufacturer’s Site]

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