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A standard hose clamp doesn’t work very well for clamping a spiral hose such as that found in dust collection systems. It has to clamp over one of the coils which can make a less-than-airtight connection. To solve this problem you can use a bridge hose clamp which has an offset connector that crosses over the coil without crushing it.

Made for right-hand spiraling hoses, the Rockler version of this clamp goes as far as replacing the usually frustrating screw head with a thumb screw and extends the shaft to give your fingers more clearance while turning the screw.

A five pack of the Rockler style 2-1/2″ clamps will run you $8 and a five-pack of 4″ clamps will run you $10. Other retailers sell similar products for both right- and left-hand spiraling hoses, but it seems only Rockler sells bridge hose clamps with the thumbscrew.

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