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From the how-the-hell-did-we-miss-that-one department, last summer Milwaukee introduced an arbor that you twist to release the hole saw. Forget about un-chucking the arbor to change hole saws; no more knuckle-busting wrenches to loosen the jammed nut holding on the saw — just twist the base of the arbor and the hole saw pops free.

The system does have its limitations. It only works with hole saws up to 1-3/16″, which isn’t large for a hole saw. The arbors are available with 3/8″ or 7/16″ shanks and supposedly work with all hole saws, even non-Milwaukee ones.

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Browsing the FAMAG Catalog I came across this unusually deep set of hole saws. These hole saws were designed for drilling holes up to 300 mm (almost 12″) deep! If you have a problem ejecting the plug from a regular “short” hole saw, how are you ever going to get a 10″ plug out of one these extended hole saws?

FAMAG manufactures these bi-metal hole saws with a variable tooth pitch. To form the cutting head they weld high-speed steel teeth onto the cylindrical carrier. They sell the hole saws in 86 mm, 111 mm, 130 mm, 152 mm, 170 mm, 200 mm diameters which range from approximately  3-3/8″ to 7-7/8″.

You’ll drop anywhere from 175 to 425 Euros ($250 to $600) depending on which size you order. That’s not including the center spike which FAMAG sells separately for an extra 60 Euros ($85).

Deep Hole Saws [FAMAG]
Deep Hole Saws(PDF) [FAMAG Catalog (page 25)]

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