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If there was ever a product crying out to be in the Hot Or Not category, it has to be this one. Lee Valley has 25′ and 50′ versions of this reinforced PVC hose with embedded heating cables that will “keep water flowing in temperatures as low as -42° F (-41° C).” When the temperature drops below 45° F (7° C), a built-in thermostat turns on the heating cables. The hose has a 5-1/2′ grounded power cord at the faucet-connection end, is CUL/UL approved, and also approved by the FDA for use with potable water. The ends have heavy-duty brass couplings and bend restrictors to prevent kinking. The 25′ version, which draws 180W, costs $99, and the 50′ version, which draws 360W, costs $149.

Hmmm, water and electricity in one handy hose. But I suppose if you have to get out and water the snow when it’s below zero, this could be your solution. What do you think?

Heated Hose [Lee Valley]

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