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Bessey’s Maxis VarioPivot clamping system extends the versatility of your bar clamps by attaching them to your bench, somewhat like the previously covered VersaClamp.  It works best with Bessey’s K-Body Clamps, but they claim the system works with other bar or pipe clamps too.

The two C-clamp-like ends attach to your bench top and capture any length of bar clamp between them. The clamps fit into rotating holders which can lock the bar clamp at any angle between 0 to 270°.  The holders rest in an L-shaped track, which allows you to position the bar clamp along the side of the bench or over the work surface.

The Maxis VarioPivot Clamping system comes with the two c-clamp ends and runs about $50. You’ll need to provide your own bar clamp.

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Although Wixey claims their new remote digital readout is ideal for router lifts, we can think of about a dozen other uses for it, such as mounting one to the table saw to measure blade height — Wixey already has a product for the fence — or getting a couple for the X-Y table.

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Sharpening hand tools takes either skill and practice or expensive equipment.  And unless you’re going to recreate the bevel free-hand, setting up the guide also takes time.  M.Power designed their Precision Sharpening System (PSS1) to provide an easy and inexpensive way to quickly put the edge back on your tools.

Instead of running the tool across a diamond abrasive stone, M.Power’s PSS1 holds the tool stationary and you move the diamond stone across the cutting edge.  You can sharpen chisels and plane irons from 1/8″ to 2-1/2″ wide.

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Crown’s multi-angle try square does more than just right angles — it lets you layout or check 90°, 60°, 45°, and 30° angles with the same tool.

Crown Tools, based in Sheffield, England, designed this K-shaped square based on traditional tools still used in Europe.  They make the handle from plantation-grown rosewood and the blade, facing plate, and pins from polished brass.

You can find Crown’s multi-angle try square on clearance right now at Hartville Tool for $36.

Multi-Angle Square [Crown Hand Tools]
Multi-Angle Square [Hartville Tool]