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Aldi probably isn’t the first place you’d look for an emergency generator, but they’re running a fine deal on a Kingcraft model as we speak. Specifications include 2,500W continuous output (20A at 120VAC), 3,250W peak output, two AC sockets, 12VDC terminals, and a 6.5HP motor. Claimed run time at half load is eight hours, requiring four gallons of fuel.

Kingcraft probably isn’t the best generator manufacturer, but the asking price is less than half that of comparable models. A similar Troy-Bilt model retails for $429, and Generac’s 3,250W unit costs $469. Both Troy-Bilt and Generac rate their products by continuous output rather than peak, so they have a leg up on the Kingcraft from the start. The unit is produced by the daintily-named Chong Qing Dajiang Power Equipment Co. LTD, a Chinese industrial engine manufacturer. No surprise at the price. Still, a discriminating rifleman has good things to say about the Kingcraft.

Kingcraft 3,250W Generator [Aldi Foods]

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A friend of mine in Louisiana pointed me to an interesting site a few days ago. Scoraig Wind, a website full of one man’s experience and accumulated knowledge from years of making his own power with wind turbines. Using primarily wood, old pipe, and junkyard car alternators, Mr. Hugh Piggott and a few of his mates have had some impressive success harnessing the wind, and it’s all done in spare time from their garages.

Whether or not you buy into the green revolution, you have to admit that making enough of your own juice for the city to pay you is a pretty cool notion. I really like the idea of an off-the-grid house, and if you happen to live in the right area, wind power might be a great trick to save a buck or three. The site’s primary offering is a book with step-by-step instructions for making a completely scratch-built turbine, right down to arranging the stator yourself from purchased magnets. Not a bad way to kill a few weekends.

Wind Power Generators [Scoraig Wind]

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