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Generation Tools’ I-Beam level gives you a long level in a short package. It incorporates three sliding rails which allow it to expand to about 2.5x its length. They claim it can be used in framing and leveling forms, and because of its construction, it even works around warped studs.

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I imagine the meeting that birthed the SquareONE sounded something like this:

“All right everybody; let’s brainstorm ideas for our new product.”

“How about a tape measure and flashlight?”

“No, but I like the tape measure idea; everybody likes tape measures.”

“How ’bout a combination tape measure and coffee cup?”

“OK, I know you’re not supposed to criticize people while brainstorming, but that’s a stupid idea. You’d spill your coffee.”

“A tape measure and a square?”

“Hmm, I don’t think that’s been done before.”

“Let’s add a screwdriver.”


“Let’s make it a level too.”

“Ooh, Ooh, let’s add a pencil sharpener.”

And so on….

Generation Tools SquareONE incorporates a tape measure into a speed-square-shaped triangle and endows it with the following functions:

  • Locking tape measure
  • Square
  • Level
  • Pencil with pencil holder
  • Pencil sharpening
  • Writing surface
  • Protractor

They coat the SquareONE in rubber to protect it and make it easier to hold onto, and they triple-rivet the stainless steel and tape measure end hook.¬†Their professional model comes with a carpenter’s pencil rather than an ordinary #2, and has a hole in the end hook for marking radii.

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