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Somewhere behind a desk sits an engineer with a very creative head on his shoulders. Whoever it is, a bright solution for sanding odd surfaces came off his desk in the form of Gator Grit’s sanding sponges. Essentially rectangular prisms of closed cell foam, their outsides are coated with an abrasive very similar to sand paper. For concave surfaces, that can be pretty handy. Trying to get big mitts on the inside of some surfaces can be a real treat, and these can take the sting out of it.

$5 for a two-pack is a lot to pay for what amounts to some six-sided sand paper, but for special jobs, these could be just the trick. Ever tried to prepare the inside of a turned wooden bowl for lacquer or stain? T-minus two minutes to cramped fingers, unless you have a few of these in your tool chest. Home Depot and Lowe’s both carry a variety of grits and dimensions.

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