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No, not that kind of file… I’m talking about file folders here, and I like these erasable file labels. I’ve been trying to update and organize my various shop projects, manuals, and notes so I can actually find something without spending a month of Sundays looking. The labels are a polymer that can be written on with a Sharpie® permanent — on most stuff except these labels, apparently — pen (any color), and erased, again and again and again if necessary, using one of those vinyl erasers like a Pentel Clic. I can grab an old beat-up folder with an illegible tab, slap one of these labels on it, and re-use it for years.

The $9.99 WSK40 starter kit, shown above, is for third-cut folders, and comes with 80 white 3.44″×0.59″ labels, a black Sharpie® fine point marker, and a LabelOnce™ permanent ink eraser. LabelOnce™ has a variety of different-sized labels for hanging file folders, ring binders, storage boxes, and more.

LabelOnce™ [Manufacturer’s Site]

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