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If you have power tools, chances are you’ll probably need a first aid kit someday. Festool hopes you’ll add their first aid kit to your stack of Festool Systainers and be ready for that day.

Festool packs 167 certified ANSI/OSHA first aid supplies into one of their SYS 1 Systainers and marks the red latches with the quasi-universal symbol for first aid. If you do end using it, Festool includes details for reordering supplies with the kit.

Festool doesn’t come right out and say it, but they do imply that they are only making a limited number of these Systainer first aid kits. When you do find one, you’ll pay $89.

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The track saw has matured from its humble beginnings as circular saw with a straightedge to being called a table saw replacement by some companies. That doesn’t ring true to me, because a table saw is much more than a tool for working with sheet goods. It seems to me that track saws are more of a replacement for the bulky panel saw lurking in the shadows of the shop.

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