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Or it’s just cooling. In any case, I saw this on Fast Company — “…Doesn’t Suck, It Blows” –, and couldn’t decide whether to go with the “Cool” title, the “Hot Or Not,” or the “Tool Pr0n” title. Dyson’s new Air Multiplier™ is probably not the fan you want to have out in the garage, but the technology involved is kinda neat. It is, as you may have noticed from the picture, blade-less, and based on phenomena the Dyson engineers noticed when developing their Airblade hand dryer — which is also interesting in that it uses a single thin sheet of air, moving at up to 400 mph, to blast the water off your hands. In the Air Multiplier™, this sheet of air, generated by a “mixer flow impeller” in the base, creates negative pressure as it exits the rim, and draws in more air from behind the fan. The result is a claimed 15× amplification in air, and none of that annoying “unpleasant buffeting” from fan blades.

The 10″ fan is $300, and the 12″ is $330. So while it won’t hurt if you stick your hand in it, it will cost you an arm and a leg.

Dyson [Manufacturer’s Site]

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