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I purchased my DeWalt 12″ miter saw about 10 years ago, and I wouldn’t make the same choice today — I almost certainly would buy a sliding miter saw instead. Back then the choice of sliding miter saws was limited, and they were very expensive. As the title suggests, the other thing I’d do differently is choose a 10″ over a 12″ saw.

It’s not that my DeWalt 12″ it isn’t a good saw; it’s just that I chose it based on a landscaping project I was planning that required cutting a bunch of 4x6s. Rather than trying to figure out my future needs, I weighed too heavily the fact that a 12″ saw could cut a 4×6 with a single cut. I haven’t cut another 4×6 since.

I’ve learned a few things since then and have a few reasons for buying a 10″ saw. Maybe the type of projects you do require a bigger saw (building decks comes to mind), but for the average woodworker/DIYer, the following reasons might be something to consider.

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I’m not big on New Year’s resolutions — why wait till the new year when you can start today?  Also, making resolutions just for the sake of making resolutions usually means you’ll end up breaking them sooner than later. But if you’re looking for some last-minute resolutions to make this New Year, you could do worse than picking one from this list.

I resolve to:

  • Spend more time in the shop.
  • Involve my kids in more projects.
  • Bolster the economy by buying more tools.
  • Finish my projects in a timely manner.
  • Remember to wear my safety equipment
  • Evaluate tools based on merit not brand.
  • Buy the best tool I can afford.
  • Participate more on Toolmonger!

Have a happy New Year!

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