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It’s déjà vu all over again: Duracell® originally released batteries with the built-in power gauge back in 1996, but now it’s “new” apparently because the battery is the new Ultra Advanced. As before, you press the two white dots and a bar appears, showing how much power the battery has left. The Ultra Advanced, which “lasts up to 30 percent longer in toys than the previous Ultra Digital,” is available “at a small additional cost to regular CopperTop batteries.”

Have any Toolmongers tried these? Are they worth “a small additional cost?”

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The lights are out. The mutated alien horde is coming. You need power for the Tesla cannon. This is when you’re really glad Duracell’s Powerpack DPP-300EP is sitting on the basement shelf. Essentially a small car battery powering a 120V AC inverter and a 250 psi compressor, it can even fill your truck’s tires for a mad dash to the burnt-out supermarket for a scavenging run. Just watch out for the stray dogs.

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