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Although I own a drill index, surprisingly I’ve never had a complete set of drill bits for it. I bought the index to house the pile of bits leftover from broken sets and other bits I inherited. As you can see in the picture below, I’m missing several bits in the middle row and most of the sizes in the largest. Although the selection of bits has served me well on most occasions, many times I’ve had to ream out a smaller hole or settle for a sloppier fit.

After not having the right-sized bit for a project for the umpteenth time, I finally decided that it was time to remedy that situation. Like all my projects I find that I usually spend at least as much on tools to complete the project as I spend on supplies. So to save money, this time I went to Harbor Freight where I found the Drill Master 29 piece HSS drill bit set with 3/8″ cut-down shanks on sale for $15.

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