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Have you ever been stuck without a pump and had to inflate a queen-sized air mattress using only your lungs? I have, and I wouldn’t recommend it; I nearly passed out several times. A pump is the obvious solution, but why buy a pump when you can use another tool you already have?

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Do it Best has the Stanley 10-788 for $10 online before the $5 mail-in rebate. A nice feature of the rebate — if you’re so inclined — is the ability to donate it directly to Habitat for Humanity. If you don’t want the utility knife, you can get $10 off the $20 online sale for a Stanley FatMax 1-1/4″×25′ tape, or $5 off the $10 online sale for a Stanley 16-oz. Fiberglass Rip Hammer, with the same option to donate the refund. The offer expires 10/3/09. Do it Best offers free shipping of online orders to a local store for “participating” locations.

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