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I was trained as a machinist, and finding angles always drove me up the wall. For some reason, I find it really hard to trust my own math when creating fixtures with Joe blocks and sine plates, and wind up verifying everything seven ways. Denali has a little something that may take the sting out.

While digital protractors like this have been around for a while, it’s hard to pass up Amazon’s $23 price on this one. Strictly speaking, it may not be accurate enough for precision work, but +/- 1 degree is more than enough for woodworking and sheet metal layout. +/- 1 degree is probably the best you’d get with a steel protractor. More accurate versions are available from Bosch, but ninety percent of the time, Denali’s little 11-incher should be plenty, and it’ll save you a lot of close-up guesswork.

Denali 11-inch digital protractor [What’s This?] [Via Amazon]

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